Why am I blogging?

Short answer…I hate Facebook, naw really do though! If it’s not someone showing up to correct your grammar, it’s someone stopping by to oppose your personal views and if you are someone like me, who doesn't post anything all that personal (usually because I’m looking to avoid social media confrontation altogether) you posts become “Commercials”. Sure, Facebook has a few merits, like staying in touch with distant friends or relatives, but I’ve clearly been informed that this is now the way of the world and I need to have social media presence.

A constant slew of notifications, videos of average musicians “killing it”, endless political debates with no resolve, crappy cellphone concert footage, duck faced selfies, end-times prophesies, celebrity death hoaxes, prank videos, fake profiles, cats who are afraid of cucumbers and the never-ending-eye-opening opinions from “friends” that leave you thinking: Do I really know this person as well as I thought? Let’s not forget: “How come you didn’t wish me a Happy Birthday on Facebook?”, “Why wasn’t I invited over to your house last night, because it looks like everyone else was?” or any additional butt-hurt that seem to slips my mind while writing this.

A few years ago, I attended a conference where myself and many others were told to think of your dot com as the sun and the many social media platforms as the sun rays. Today that feels backwards to me! Today I have to dwell in social media and be available all day long so that I can try to get people interested enough to leave social media and visit my dot com (which costs money BTW) for basic show information and to hopefully shop in my web store. It’s not enough to be the writer, arranger, producer, engineer, website guy, booking agent, live sound engineer, guitar tech and any number of other hats that I’m forgetting that I wear but, now I have to add “social media expert and reality TV show star” to the list?

Regarding Boost Posts

Over the last few years there have been many hoaxes that Facebook is threatening to charge for an account on such and such date. While those articles are usually debunked very easily the truth is, the use of algorithms and now the suggestion of paid advertising proves that if you have something that you are trying to market or advertise, you better get ready to pay Facebook now! Your profile is absolutely free, but you have to pay to reach the people who already support you! Between my artist and personal account, I should be broadcasting to over 8,000 people. However, the current algorithm says that only 10-12% of those people will actually see my posts without the use of paid advertising or “sponsored posts”. So, in January, I hired a company to do this all too consuming job for me as many other companies do today however it was a complete and utter nightmare! You could easily tell by the tone of their responses that it wasn’t me replying to my people, it cost me $500 a month for 3 posts a week and I still had to supply that company with the desired information to post. For example: where my live shows were, the addresses of them, start time, if tickets were on sale, what merchandise was on sale for the month at my website, what videos to promote, what hashtags to use, what companies to tag in those posts specifically, as well as what was I up to personally to keep the listeners, readers and fans engaged. Basically, it was still me doing the work! 

Other Social Media Services

To add insult to injury, Twitter does NOTHING for me and is once again, free but offering paid advertising now and it really appears to be primarily a West-Coast or celebrity thing. Then there’s Instagram, also a complete and utter joke. I’ve seen more Instagram profiles of people posing all sexy-n-stuff with instruments that they can barely play in front of their 80K followers than I care to admit. Actually, there is now an app that will post comments for you on other people’s Instagram profiles based on the #hashtags that they may use. This way, a person whom we’ll call perspective customer will hopefully to start to follow you because of your similar interests. BUT! Here’s a true story regarding that app, a small-business owner programmed it to comment: “Thumbs up, we like this” and it worked great everywhere for them! Except for the viral story of that post showing up on a grieving Mother's post who was sick over her untimely death of her son. That’s how fake, mindless and emotionless this social media society has become. 

In Conclusion

Facebook is a monster that you have to feed. Feed it drama and you will get a multi-sided debate in return. Today I’m in full realization that Microsoft Word (used to compose this blog) now recognizes words like Instagram, Facebook and Hashtag without alerting me to the need for spell-check. Personally, I have spent over $2,000 of my 2017 earnings on the totally free Facebook and have a half-empty schedule to show for it. I know it’s the way of the world, but I also feel that it’s ok for me to hate it too. I don’t want to ask people: “What’s your favorite Beatles song?” or “What tooth brush you use?” as a way to create conversation and then throw in a Mick Hayes commercial in-between She Loves You and Oral B. Furthermore, I don’t want to monitor the post and LIKE every comment so it throws me into the newsfeeds again for even more ME-ME-ME responses. Truth is, all these things I have mentioned completely work against my creativity. They take up constant hours in my day and replace my creativity with a pale sense of doubt based on people’s reactions and opinions to my posts…I mean do I really need to know what Tom, Dick and Harry are doing whilst I’m a pooping? Do I really need comments from a woman’s rights activist reminding me that it was insensitive of me to not include Sally along with Tom, Dick, and Harry? Finally do I really need the Bevis and Buttheads of the world today responding to and say…” huh, huh you said Dick”.


Mick Hayes